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BV Maatschappij Motorschip Kieldrecht (BV Mij ms Kieldrecht) was founded in 1983 by Phs. van Ommeren NV in Rotterdam as one of their many single ship companies each owning a seagoing bulk carrier.


All Van Ommeren ships carried the name of Dutch cities ending their name with “drecht”. As during the 20th century all “drecht” names in the Netherlands were taken, Van Ommeren looked for similar names in Belgium and came across the city of Kieldrecht. 
We thank Ron Bebelaar who provided the photos used on this site. More information on ms Kieldrecht and other Van Ommeren vessels can be found on his website


The BV Mij ms Kieldrecht owned last holding was the 1977 built bulkcarrier Kieldrecht which was sold in 1986. Afterwards BV Mij ms Kieldrecht became dormant.


In 1999 Roelof Hendriks bought the shares of BV Mij ms Kieldrecht for a symbolic price from Van Ommeren.

In that same year BV Mij ms Kieldrecht executed its first investment.